We have a idea:

  • If you are lacking Chinese support
  • If you are planing to expand Chinese market

And we can try:

  • Working at China time - from 08:15~12:15 and 13:30~17:30 except weekends and holidays
  • Speaking Chinese on Live Chat(QQ) and ticket system
  • Support on Level-1

Then you can:

  • Pay $200/month(full time) for a newbie who we will train she/him to practise and be fine job
  • Increase salary to $400~$650 after 1~2 month if you are satisfacted

You are good:

  • Because you give us an opportunity to learn
  • You maybe help an housewife stay with her child, she no need to find job in another city

Who am I? I am working for for about 3 months, and I thanks Boss, I enjoy this job. I recognised that maybe there are more hosting company would like give other people the same opportunity.

What I did:

  • Created a QQ group, invite drserver users to join and interactive
  • Set up wiki site, wrote Chinese content, information about company, produce and How-to tutorials
  • Translated some string to Simple Chinese for DCImanager client panel
  • replied topic which mention drserver on